Merillat Classic Construction Details

High-quality construction and a wide variety of design options make Merillat® Classic our most popular cabinet line. It’s built from engineered and solid hardwood components for enduring performance.

Enjoy smooth, quiet drawer operation and six-way self-closing, concealed door hinges with a limited lifetime warranty.

Easy-clean interiors resist moisture and stains. Classic cabinets accommodate a wide variety of available features and accessories.

25-year limited warranty.

Available upgrades include Dovetail Drawers, Plywood Ends, and All Plywood Construction.

  1. Hinges. Six-way adjustable self-closing concealed hinges come with a limited lifetime warranty. Available in both full and traditional overlay doors.
  2. Wall Cabinet Shelves. All wall cabinet shelves are adjustable and made from 3/4″ thick engineered wood.
  3. Interiors. All cabinet sides, bottoms and shelves have moisture and stain-resistant easy clean interiors.
  4. Braces. Corner gussets give added strength to the entire cabinet.
  5. Back Panel. 1/4″ thick, 50-pound density engineered wood extends all the way to the floor to give the entire cabinet box extra strength and stability.
  6. End Panels. Cabinet sides, or end panels, are 3/8″ thick 48-pound density engineered wood.

    Add a 3/8″ thick five-ply furniture grade plywood end panel option for added strength and stability. Inside surface is covered with an easy clean laminate to provide added protection against household chemicals, outside is matching finish veneer. (Not available with laminate cabinet styles.)

  7. Front Frame. The solid hardwood front frame is 3/4″ thick Oak, Maple, Cherry or Hickory.
  8. Drawer Guide System. Sidemount WhisperGlide drawer guides deliver a smooth opening and are load rated for 75lbs. Merillat Classic® Deluxe: Our Tandem Plus undermount guide with 75lb load rating and self closing design. Full extension with buffer closure are optional.Merillat Classic® Deluxe:
    Our unique SoftAction+® system comes standand on our Deluxe construction cabinetry for a completely silent and effortless movement. The unique compression feature allows the drawer to close gently and is impossible to slam shut. Guides are rated for 75 lbs.
  9. Drawer Front. Drawer fronts are 3/4″ thick 48-pound density engineered wood or solid hardwood.
  10. Drawer Construction. Full-depth, 1/2″ thick 4-sided engineered wood drawer. All corners of the drawer core use rabbet joinery secured with adhesive and staples. Merillat Classic® Deluxe: 3/4″ thick, solid hardwood drawer cores with dovetail joinery provide improved strength and durability over traditional joinery methods. Plywood bottom helps resist sagging. Classic Deluxe includes SoftAction+ Drawer Technology for a regulated closing that’s virtually silent and effortless.
  11. Doors. Doors are 3/4″ thick 48-pound density engineered wood or solid hardwood. Clear pliable round shaped bumpers to dampen closure noise.
  12. Roll-out Trays. Base cabinet single roll-out tray standard, provide full depth storage and easy access. Optional double trays, double deep trays, half depth and full depth shelves are available.
  13. Bottom Panel. 1/2″ thick 48-pound density engineered wood, joined to end panels with dado joints and adhesive.