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27 December 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Pegged Drawer Inserts

27 December 2018, Comments 0

The Pegged Drawer Organizer allows you to organize your pots, pans, lids or dishes in deep drawers. With removable pegs, you can easily adjust […]

18 December 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Base Mixer Shelf

18 December 2018, Comments 0

No longer will you need to lift the heavy mixer out of storage and take up valuable counter space. The mixer shelf simply swings […]

12 December 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Utility Extended Bottom with Integrated Cleaning Storage

12 December 2018, Comments 0

Store cleaning supplies right in the kitchen where messes happen the most. Works perfectly at the end of a cabinet run — giving you […]

22 November 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® K-Cup Organizer Drawer

22 November 2018, Comments 0

Keep those little, easily disorganized cups organized with a dedicated drink drawer.

11 October 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Under-Sink Single Wastebasket

11 October 2018, Comments 0

This under-sink pull-out keeps the trash bin close at hand during food prep and the aftermath from dinner, and its second basket makes for […]