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18 December 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Base Mixer Shelf

18 December 2018, Comments 0

No longer will you need to lift the heavy mixer out of storage and take up valuable counter space. The mixer shelf simply swings […]

15 November 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Base Step Stool Cabinet

15 November 2018, Comments 0

For some of us the top shelves might as well not exist. Get up there without asking favors from taller people, then tuck the […]

24 May 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Auto-Open Base Cleaning Cabinet

24 May 2018, Comments 0

Keeps cleaning supplies out of sight but not out of reach. Fits next to the sink or wherever is most convenient, and auto-opens with […]

11 July 2016
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5 Top Kitchen Tips

11 July 2016, Comments 0

What are your favorite Kitchen tips or hacks?