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15 August 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Wood-Tired Combination Drawer

15 August 2018, Comments 0

This combination drawer has both standard dividers and tiered storage. Upper left-hand utensil divider rolls back to reveal knife organizer. Right-hand compartments span full […]

19 July 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Knife Section Cutting Center

19 July 2018, Comments 0

The things you use together should stay together. Keep the cutting board and knives easily—and safely—organized, so they’re in reach when you need them. […]

14 July 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Angled Utensil Drawer Organizers

14 July 2018, Comments 0

Give every utensil its ideal compartment to prevent storage chaos. Long spatulas coexist peacefully with smaller items wine stoppers, chip clips and keys.

21 June 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Charging Drawer

21 June 2018, Comments 0

Charge and store the always-by-your-side gadgets, so that they’re off the counter, but still usable.

14 June 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Chrome Deluxe Roll-Out Tray

14 June 2018, Comments 0

Don’t reach in, let the cabinet bring it to you. Featuring wood dovetail sides, soft-close runners and chrome rails for a sleek look–it’s the […]