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10 May 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Drawer Organizer with Rubbermaid® Containers

10 May 2018, Comments 0

Microwave-safe Rubbermaid containers and lids stay neatly organized in made-to-fit removable drawer dividers.

19 April 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Sink Base with Roll-Out Trays

19 April 2018, Comments 0

The U-shaped roll-outs let you pull cleaning supplies and detergents forward from hidden depths of the sink base. More usable storage that doesn’t require […]

11 April 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Space-Saving Bottom-Mount Wastebasket

11 April 2018, Comments 0

The slim wastebasket is a small-space solution to keep trash out of sight but not out of reach.

22 March 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Easy Reach Chrome Super Susan

22 March 2018, Comments 0

Invite big bowls and giant packages into this Super Susan—there’s no center post, so now there’s room for all, however huge.

15 March 2018
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VIDEO: KraftMaid® Deluxe Roll-Out Trays

15 March 2018, Comments 0

With the KraftMaid® Deluxe Roll-Out Tray, access the way back without rummaging, and soft-close with a nudge. Visit our showroom today to try for […]